Thursday, April 16, 2015

Seed Thief Spring 2014

Here is a seed thief caught in action in my garden of Spring 2014.
Love the old fence pole with barb wire in the background!
 And when he/she noticed the camera he turns like nothing was happening. lol

Thanks to this little feller, we had to replant some corn rows here and there.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blooming Magnolia Tree

2015 SPRING Very few flowery blooms still on tree after heavy rainfall
Yesterday, I was outback checking on my Magnolia tree right before the heavy rains started again.

Sadly, it is looking a bit on the rough side. It still has blooms here and there but nothing like normal.

  Here's a photo from last spring. Note the huge difference even after thousands had fallen:

2014 Spring
I guess the recent heavy down pours have stripped it of it's normally large abundant, fragrance filled, beautiful showy flowers. 

The flowers are usually so large that one is bigger than my hand.

Here's a close up from last year:
My showy Magnolia Tree Spring 2014

After the late Spring blooms fade away, along with that sweet welcoming smell, comes the lush green leaves that provide great shade:
Summer 2014
And that is when the hammock gets the most use.
Looks like that will be my favorite time to enjoy this Magnolia this year.

Do you have a Magnolia tree close by?
Magnolias typically bloom into huge, showy, white or off-white flowers,

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Magnolias typically bloom into huge, showy, white or off-white flowers,

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Hummingbird at Feeder in KY | 2014

On the hummingbird watch, summer 2014.
Kentucky, USA

I must really get through my photo files and start sharing these before I
forget when they were taken.

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