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Old Metal Dollhouse

May 30, 2013

It's a metal dollhouse from around the 70s or 80s or so. I had one exactly like it when I was little in the late 80's. Not sure what happened to it. But pretty sure it got passed down to my two little sisters and the rest was history.

So when I spotted this same one at a yard sale a few months ago, I had to grab it up. It came with bags of original furniture with it too. A super bonus!

I am going to leave it sitting in the living room for when my little niece comes up for a visit. She has the new kind with lights and stuff inside hers, but I'm sure this one will be fun as well.

What is a toy that you can remember being your favorite as a little kid?


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September 25, 2014
True Story.
Long, but true!

Last summer I started experiencing arm pain in my right arm. Absolutely none in my left arm. Which is why at first I didn't think much about it. I had always thought left arm pain meant something significant with your heart.

A few weeks went on and the pain increased. I had changed the way I slept and began to keep an eye on things that would make it hurt.
It was a shooting pain. A pain that stayed. A pain that got worse as the days went on. Finally, it got so bad that it hurt for me to even raise my arm up to wave. Seriously, it was an excruciating pain. But what was so strange is that it seemed to be increasing as time went on.

I was at a loss to what it could be. That is until I was talking to my uncle one day at our regular poker game night. I went to reach for something and my right arm hurt so bad that I used my other arm to help it along.

My uncle noticed this and said that it was odd that his right arm was doing the same thing.
Finally! I had my first clue to what was making this happen. I quickly was jogging my memory to find out what me and my uncle had in common with our arms. We only spend about one day a week around each other, sometimes only one day every two weeks.
So for us both to be experiencing this shooting, increasing pain in our right arms, it had to have a common link.

Then after we thought for a while we had it! A kind of eureka moment!
A few weeks earlier we had both purchased a wholesale lot size package of Degree deodorant. Was this what could be hurting the both of us? Seriously? Deodorant?
I quickly began to Google arm pain and Degree deodorant. And to my surprise there were numerous cases of this happening.

Omogosh! What?

I believe that the aluminum zirconium, or the amount thereof, that was in that Degree brand was way to high. I've read that aluminum zirconium blocks toxins from escaping our bodies and tend to build up in our lymph nodes.There has been no hard evidence of this through a medical test that I know of. But listen to this.
I convinced my uncle to stop using the deodorant and just give it a try to see if the pain would subside. I also stopped using the deodorant immediately since that was the only new thing we both had in common on the subject.

And guess what? Just about four days after stopping the use, for both of us, we noticed that our pain was less. OMGOSH! The Degree deodorant had to be the common link!
And thankfully, about two full weeks later, both of our right arms were almost back to completely normal. And now, well, neither of us have any type of pain whatsoever left from using it.

I'm just glad we realized it was the deodorant and didn't keep using it. I am so glad that we stopped when we did, or I just wander what a years worth of usage would have resulted in on our bodies.

Today, swearing that I will never touch a stick of Degree deodorant ever again in my life, I am totally arm pain free. So is my uncle.

FYI: Since this horrible experience, I have been using a natural coconut deodorant and it works great!

Article and Photo by &jelliedkey And that is the Exact Deodorant in the pic I was using!
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Silver is slowly climbing back up again in the market.

Right now however is still a great time to buy silver jewelry. I have found many shops that are still offering .925 silver rings for only $9.99 to $19.99 each.

I'm not positive yet of their quality. But I did buy some and put them in my jewelry box.
I usually wear more silver jewelry in the summer as apposed to the winter. It just seems like a lighter style for me. And another great thing is that silver looks awesome on your tan.
Photo by me, +jelliedkey
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Why Do I Have Gray Toenails?

I got very nervous one day when I looked down. I noticed my toenails were all grayish looking. No pinkish color to be seen at all.

I immediately got nervous as I have many medical problems and don't need another.
Well, first thing I did was get up and walk around. As I had been sitting still for about an hour. And it started to fade back to normal.

A few weeks went by and it done it again. Well, I immediately called my doctor and made an appointment.

Turned out that it was nothing with me. He said when I sit for a while that the blood settles down into our feet. Temporarily giving our toes a grayish color. Just from sitting.
But he said it was good that I came in because it could have been a real problem or even a fungus. But thank goodness for me it was nothing.

Have you ever noticed your toenails to be grayish in color?

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Are You Killing the Hummingbirds?

Do you leave your hummingbird feeder up long after fall sits in?

If so, I once heard that this causes hummingbirds to stay around longer in colder regions. And therefore, keeping them from migrating to warmer climates. Which in turn, is causing them to stay by the feeder, endure the colder weather as long as they can, and eventually dieing.

Well, don't think twice about it. That is so not true.

Hummingbirds have an internal clock that will tell them when they need to start migrating to warmer climates. It's not whether or not we leave the feeders out.

In fact, I once read about how leaving a hummingbird feeder out late after fall begins may actually help the sick and young hummingbirds that either couldn't migrate and didn't realize they needed to for the first time. Since finding blooming flowers in the winter is hard, the feeders that we leave up may really be saving some hummingbirds' lives!

Photo by me, +jelliedkey please do not copy
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Russia Sued McDonalds over Poor Food Quality

September 18, 2014

Wow, we've all heard about how McDonald's food is not good for our bodies. But people everywhere tend to ignore this and go ahead and scarf it down daily.
There's approximately 2.5 million Big Macs that are sold daily. Was one of them sold to you today?

If so, please take a moment to listen to what Russia has to say. They claim they have spotted numerous nutritional and food safety codes that have been violated throughout the restaurant chain. Including the finding of E.coli and that the nutritional values are not accurately represented.

And Russia wants to make a stand and stop the restaurant giant with banning the sales of all of the cheeseburgers, chicken and fish sandwiches banned. Along with all sales of ice cream and milkshakes they offer.

If the courts rule on the side of Russia then McDonald's should just shut their doors. Because those are the main foods of the restaurant giant.

I don't think that Russia will be successful in stopping all of what they ask for. I even read once they they want McDonald's banned in their country. But I do think that by Russia taking a stand for what they believe in, people's health, that McDonald's will be forced to change their ways.

The court date was set for Aug 13, 2014, and even though that was a month ago, I am having trouble finding the ruling. Does anyone know the outcome?

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McDonald's Tries to Prove They Serve REAL Food?

October 16, 2014

McDonald's is famous for it's fast food with not such great health benefits. And I'm sure we have all heard the rumors that the food they serve is not 100%, well, food. Remember the pink slime incident that they admitted to adding to burgers for seven straight years? And most recently with Russia suing McDonald's over finding poor food qualities, McDonald's is now under the gun to prove otherwise.

So McDonald's has launched a new campaign called, "Our food. Your questions." They hope it will help prove they they do in fact serve real food. And after many years of being asked, they have finally opened up their doors to allow a camera crew from Good Morning America in. Of course they have had time to prep and remember, they have already stopped adding the pink slime. So I wander what else they have recently hid?
But stop and think for a minute. If they really need to be trying to prove this, why the heck are we all still eating there? Whether or not they serve real food should not even be a question they should have to try and answer!

Do you think the new "Our Food. Your Questions." Campaign will help McDonald's plundering sales?

Article by &jelliedkey
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7th Heaven Father Admitted to Molesting Children

October 7, 2014

Wow, Stephen Collins, better known to the public as the father and pastor on 7th Heaven has admitted to sexually abusing young girls.

Isn't that kind of ironic? For eleven seasons on 7th Heaven he was a fun loving, value setting pastor and father of 7.

This just blows my mind. I wander if these two counts that he has admitted to that happened in 2012, are the only incidents? I think not. I pretty much believe that once a person chooses a certain thing like this in life and doesn't get caught soon, they will continue until they do.

I hope none of the young girls that were on the show during it's air time were molested by him. Because apparently he has an eye for very young children. Since the first time he done this, going by what he told a therapist, was with a young child, age of 11, that was a relative of his ex-wife. Isn't that just sick?

I really hope that he will be brought to justice on these two cases he has already admitted two. Because it's sad to realize that he has already gotten off on another past charge because the statue of limitations ran out.

I will never watch another re-run of that show again. Only because I would not be able to stomach watching him play the perfect roll model, pastor and father.
Article by &jelliedkey Photo by Pixabay

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Do you look like a killer?

(2014 post)

"If there is bad, good will rise against it." Movie: Megamind Quote

Did you hear about the poor guy named James Tully who the police took down and questioned multiple times in a PA town because he looked similar to the illusive shooter named Eric Frein?

Eric Frien, age 31, was hidingin the Pennsylvania town's wooded area around the Pocono Mountains for almost two months until today. He was in hiding because of allegedly shooting two state troopers in an ambush on September 12 of this year. Thankfully though, he has been arrested today after the long man hut.

Anyways, enough about the maniac shooter, he has had enough press. Lets move on to the poor guy named James Tully who just happened to look similar to Frien and lives in the town where Frien was hiding.

The poor guy, *shakes head,* has had it very rough these past two months. You see, he has been walking to work for about a year, (about a 2 hour walk each day,) to and from, while saving money to buy a car. He really has some strong work ethics if you ask me.
Anyways, since the maniac shooter had been in hiding in that area, because James Tulley looks similar, police have taken action on him approximately 20 times and took him down. Why? Because he was walking in close proximity to where Frien was hiding and because he looked similar. James Tully once even suffered a punctured lung because of a brutal take down by officers.

I know it's better to be safe than sorry but this poor look-a-like has suffered a lot while the man hut was on. I'm just so glad that it is over and that Jame Tully can resume walking to work without having to worry about being shot himself by officers.

One good thing did come out of this though. A site called GoFundMe had set up a donation account where strangers, friends or whoever could donate whatever they felt appropriate in trying to help James Tully get a car. This would make for him a safer way to work each day. There was even a background check on him to see things of his past and to see about his character. I didn't think that was necessary because if people want to give for the cause in front of them, they will.

Anyways, the site, which James Tully had no part of in setting up at all, started out with a request of trying to raise $2500.00 to help get him a used car. Amazingly I am proud to say they have way passed that and donations stopped at a grand total of $24,217 in 7 days by 997 people.
I tried to keep up with this story because how the man seemed to have a strong worth ethic. Walking to and from work, being harassed by officers and even wounded and having to walk in the area of a known killer. Can you imagine doing all this just to get to go to work?
Anyways, I am so glad to see that there are still great people out there that will band together and try to help when a cause like this comes up. I wish James Tully all the best and hope that he can get ahead in life with a little help from strangers like this that he never asked for in the first place.

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I Threw Away All of the Kid's Toys

I recently made a huge change in our house. And that change was to throw out all the toys that were laying around. About a year ago I read of a woman doing something similar and it has stuck with me. I think she said that her kids felt "entitled."
And my reasons were quite similiar.
Although I do not have any children of my own, we have regular, weekly kid visitors. I have a 5 year old niece and a 5 year old nephew. And I have a step-grandson who is 7. Between all three of these little rug rats, we had about 5 toy chests throughout our house.
It was becoming a regular habit for them to expect a new toy here on their next visit. It seemed like that was all they were waiting on. And that they never really took the time to "see us." They just wanted to see the next new thing of the moment and that was it. And I had to always get after them to pick them all back up.

I had started to notice this trend and I figured I should make a change early on. Although now, I do wish I'd noticed it even sooner.

I didn't want all of them growing up to be greedy and living off the thrill of material things. Being a crafty person by nature, I figured I could get them interested in making "new toys." And that this would invoke their creativity.

So the first step was to get rid of all the junk toys, I call them. Hey, if it doesn't involve some sort of learning skill, that's what I really think most of them are. Of course now, I understand they all need their "favorite toy." The toy that they keep forever, but this is not their home. I'm sure they keep those with Mommy and Daddy.

So anyways, I boxed up almost everything, with the exception of a handful of hot wheels cars and a baby doll and donated the rest to the Good Will.

The first visit after I did this, the kids ran, one by one to where the toy chests had been. They did seem confused at first. But I told them I donated them to children that didn't have any toys to play with. And that we were going to "make new toys."

The first thing I made with my 5 year old nephew was a witch's broom. He had brought a witch hat with him from a previous Halloween costume and it was his idea to make a broom.

That was a great thing to do! I took him outside, walking around the edge of the woods and found a perfect fallen branch. He collected that. And then we went to the building where we have Indian Decorating Corn. He sorted through it to find a pretty colorful one and brought it to me. And I'm sure he had no idea how this was going to become a toy, but it really kept his imagination going. And he seemed to stay interested the whole time.

I showed him how to rip off the corn husks and to put them at the end of the stick. He held them in place while I tied on some string around it all. And a few minutes later he was fascinated that he had a witch's broom that we had made from stuff laying outside.
He took off "flying" through the yard on his witch's broom and I couldn't have been a happier Aunt. To see kids outside more and using their imagination is what I had wanted to do.

His witch's broom kept him occupied for about a half an hour until he brought it back to me broken from a flying accident. And then I showed him how to repair it with black tape.
It was a very great day to say the least. And not once did I have to get after him about picking up the toys and returning them to the toy chest because there wasn't enough to make a mess with.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chicken Poop Chapstick

I was standing in line at the Tractor Supply store while my husband bought some goods when I seen Chicken Poop Chapstick.

Have you ever seen Chicken Poop Chapstick before?

I know I sure haven't. And so it really grabbed my attention. It is suppose to be an old tale of how farmers would put chicken poop on their children's lips to keep them from picking at chapped lips or such.

Hogwash I'm sure. But it sure is a great sales technique because I grabbed up a handful at $4 each to give out as Christmas gag gifts.

And it does state it doesn't really have chicken poop in it, by the way. It is just a gag gift.
Have you ever heard of Chicken Poop Chapstick?

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Bath and Body Works Coupon Haul

*A $108.08 order that I just paid $36.89 for*

I finally decided to go ahead and use my 40% off coupon today because it is about to expire. They have the everyday coupons of 20% floating around so be sure to find one if you are planning on buying anytime soon.

I paired that with the buy three and get three free deals and the free shipping of orders of $50.00. So as you can imagine, the extra 40% off everything turned into a better bargain that I first thought.

I got a great amount of products for very little out of pocket expense. Lets take a look at what I got.

A Thousand Wishes Fine Fragrance Mist= 1@$14.00
Brown Sugar & Fig Fine Fragrance Mist= 1@$14.00
Twisted Peppermint Fine Fragrance Mist= 1@$14.00
Cashmere Glow Fine Fragrance Mist= 1@FREE (Originally $14.00)
Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist= 1@FREE (Originally $14.00)
Wild Madagascar Vanilla Fine Fragrance Mist= 1@FREE (Originally $14.00)
Pear & Cashmere Woods Fine Fragrance Mist= 1 @$7.00
Oahu Coconut Sunset Travel Size Fine Fragrance Mist= 2 @$6.00
Plum Moscato Travel Size Fine Fragrance Mist= 1 @$3.00
(Merchandise Subtotal before sales $100.00)
Merchandise Subtotal after shipping and tax (before sales): $108.08
Merchandise Subtotal after sales of buy three get three free $58.00
40% Off Your Online Purchase Details -$23.20
Estimated Shipping & Handling $5.99
Free Shipping On Orders of $50 or More -$5.99
Sales Tax: $2.09
Order FINAL Total $36.89
A Savings of about $71.19 on this order!

It would be good for me to mention that I would never purchase these products at full price EVER. They try to trick you with sales sometimes, but use your head and only buy when really cheap! I only tend to buy when I can get them at or around $3.00 per bottle. And a great note to many: In the summer you can find sales online with bottles and fragrances of full sizes going at or around $2.50 each! Yes! I have ordered boxes upon boxes for my Peddlers Mall booth before. You just have to check in now and then to see what they are putting on sale!

I think I did pretty good, although I'm sure there was probably a better way to get even more. And I almost forgot to mention that all of these Bath & Body Works fragrances will be used as Christmas gifts too.

And before I forget, it may be great to mention that I used my Bubbling money to purchase this. An extra little bit of awesome right there!

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Is Bubblews Going Bankrupt?

I'd say not!

I've been on and off of Bubblews for a few days and when I first got on this morning I came across an eye opening article. It was something about how they'd heard of Bubblews heading towards bankruptcy.

I was like, "what? OMG!"

So I did a quick Google search of the words Bubblews + Bankrupt and only a few results popped up.

Here is one: (I was torn whether to add the link to where I read it or not, as I don't really want them to get more notice on such. But I'm sure people will want to know where I saw this, and so I think I will link it.)

But I quickly went on reading and realized it was just something they apparently made up to get views because they had no proof. The author was only titled as "guest" and there are five unanswered questions as to where "guest" got such info.

But why post such?

It could be because the other sites are jealous of the progress of this site and that they may be envious. Maybe it was just a viscous rumor started to simply hurt the name of Bubblews because of a person that didn't get paid due to rule violations? Or maybe it was just an article meant to grab many users' attention and get oodles of views?

Who really knows but there is one thing that I know for sure. I haven't heard or read any real proof that Bubblews is in trouble. And you would think that if that was in fact true, there would be many articles out there on the subject.

So I am going to sum up this rumor as in fact just that, a rumor. And until we hear anything official from the Bubblews staff on the subject, I'd say it is senseless to worry about. Keep posting and remember that the more we do here, the more it helps Bubblews to keep going.

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Is Google Adsence Really Profitable?

I've been dabbling with blogging and earning a few pennies here and there from Google Adsense.

Pennies that is and I mean it. It is taking forever to really grow any type of withdraw from there. I mean it is seriously like trying to grow a tree or something. Well, truth is I could have probably already grown a small try by now.

I have to admit though, that I don't put a lot into trying to earn a lot there. I do a blog entry about crafting projects here and there. And to be honest, I really need to keep a daily entry to maximize any potential profits.

I just thought that the whole process of doing the Google Adsense on blogs would be much faster.

What do you think about the speed of earning on blogs with Google Adsense?

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90 Day Fiance

Have you heard of the television show called 90 Day Fiance?

I just started watching it a few weeks ago. I didn't even know it had been out for a previous season. It's where a couple gets a K-1 Visa to allow the foreign fiance of an American to enter the USA. They are then allowed 90 days to either wed or the fiance must return to their homeland.

I watched the new episode of 90 Day Fiance last night. I think only 2 more episodes maybe? I can't remember but it's getting close to the end. I am loving this show lol. i didn't know about it last season, so after this goes off, I can look that up and watch the first set of couples.

Has anyone else fallen in love with these couples?

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Bubblews Popularity is Finally Failing

When I get the chance I always will pop in at Bubblews and do a bit of catching up. Until right after Halloween I have always had plenty of time for bubbling and I am missing that. But then that is when my craft booth kicks in high speed and the Peddlers Mall really gets busy.

And so I have to push Bubblews to my back burner for a bit. Oddly I have been noticing a trend here. And that is that I am reading a lot of Bubblers are slacking down or are planning on slacking down here.

Why? Well, I've read a variety of reasons. But the main reason across the board is that the Bubblews site seems to be getting smaller and the income potential is falling.

I can see their point and I may also one day feel the same way. Who knows? But as for now I say that we should enjoy this site and have fun. Also try to keep in mind that anything we earn while on here is more than what we started the day off with.

Do you plan on slacking down on the time you spend at Bubblews?

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You may remember me sharing with you a while back about me signing a petition on It was a petition to help keep Chinese processed chicken out of the USA school lunch program.

Well, great news. We won!

After 328,975 supporters like me and you helped by signing this petition, Congress took note and even President Obama stepped in. Now finally there is a law in place to keep the Chinese processed chicken out of our school lunch programs.

I can't help to keep thinking about how recently there was an outbreak of pets dieing after eating Chinese imported dog treats. Remember that? Over 600 pets died and 3,600 were confirmed sick from eating the treats. Even my dog showed signs of being sick after eating the ones from WalMart that were later recalled. And that makes me worry even more about the imported possibility of food for us humans to eat.

Of course there are still many factors we face when stopping all the food scares even here in the States. I have signed many other petitions helping with those here as well. And I hope you all will look into some of them found on the site as well. Every signature counts! You never really think that just one more will help but it does. Just remember this one that we have won about the Chinese imported chicken for our school lunches when you think back.

If you missed the petition and info I shared you can find it here on the site:
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wooden Spoons

I will admit it. I have a very bad habit.

A habit that will grab at my last dollar to get just one more. One more that I do not need at all. In fact, I need more just as much as I need another hole in my head.

But when I am out and see them, I will have to buy just one more. That is what I always say. Maybe I just need one more!

Sometimes when I see them, I think maybe I don't have that exact one. And that is the reasoning I will use at that very moment to justify buying just one more.
I have them everywhere. I have tons of them. I have jars full and crocks full. I have enamel pans full. I have wooden baskets full.

What is it that I am addicted to buying and collecting? Wooden spoons.

Yep, old and new, painted and plain, wooden spoons.

Photo by &jelliedkey of some of my spoons +Woodenspoons +WoodSpoons +Utensils +Collections +Jelliedkey

Are Microwaves Really Safe?

Almost every household in America consists of a microwave oven. It has become one of the main fixtures in the kitchen. But we have all heard of the risks that come along with the ease of fast cooking; the microwave radiations that are emitted.

Are they high enough to cause us harm?

The Consumer Updates website that is maintained by the FDA says they are pretty safe and there's no need for alarm. However, as with any appliance comes the possibilities of harm. And they pointed out a few to take note of:

-Most microwave injuries that are reported come from being burned by hot containers. So make sure you are using a microwave safe container before cooking.

-Make sure your microwave isn't leaking harmful rays. If any seal, latch or part is loose, make sure to have it repaired or get a new one. As long as the microwave is sealed shut while in use, the FDA says the amounts of microwave rays are safe.


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Friday, January 23, 2015

Hummingbird: I Need A Drink

That's what I was thinking should be the title of this photo that I snapped a while back of this cute hummingbird.

I am going to miss seeing them flying and buzzing by my head for the next few months. It already seems like forever until Spring. And Winter hasn't even hit yet.
Don't get me wrong, winter is my favorite time of the year. But I sure am going to miss these little flying health hazards as I call them.

Seems like every time I am wearing a bright colored top, they will buzz right by me, very close.

Are You Killing The Hummingbirds?

Article by &jelliedkey Photo by &jelliedkey

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Printable eBay Feedback Star Award Certificates

Have you printed out your eBay Star Award Certificates yet?

If you didn't don't worry, you still can with these handy links below. Thanks to eBay for keeping up with them for everyone like me, who never really got around to it.

Yellow star = 10 to 49 Feedback:

Blue star = 50 to 99 Feedback

Turquoise star = 100 to 499 Feedback

Purple star = 500 to 999 Feedback

Red star = 1,000 to 4,999 Feedback

Green star = 5,000 to 9,999 Feedback

Shooting Yellow star = 10,000 to 24,999 Feedback

Shooting Turquoise star = 25,000 to 49,999 Feedback

Shooting Purple star = 50,000 to 99,999 Feedback

Shooting Red star  = 100,000 to 499,999 Feedback

Shooting Green star = 500,000 to 999,999 Feedback

Shooting Silver star = 1,000,000+ Feedback

Monday, September 15, 2014


I, Lisa Copher,  originally wrote this article for Yahoo Contributor on 10-13-2008 and Yahoo has since shut down Yahoo Contributor and Yahoo Voices and has released it's rights to my article. So I can now re-post it legally here. Any other sites may not re-post this without written permission.

When Is Preston Court Days in KY?

Court Day is Coming To Preston, KY
Court day, also known as trade days are on their way to Preston, Kentucky. It is a three-day event that ends the 3rd Monday in October. It is over a century old. Preston is a small community located in Bath County, KY, just off of I-64, exit 121. It's neighboring cities include Owingsville and Mt.Sterling. Preston's population is only about 500 and on Court Day weekend, it is estimated to have about 10,000 visitors. So you know something exciting is going on.

Each year the number of trading booths grow. People travel from all over to buy, sell, trade and browse. You have a large selection of merchandise to choose from. Everything from new items such as t-shirts, shoes, purses, housewares, etc. to those one of a kind antiques. You just might find what you need to finish off your collection. Whatever that may be. It also has a large number of animal booths. Dogs are a main attraction due to the fact of many hunters in the area.

The food booths are incredible. Preston Court Days has the best home cooking around. Churches come out with their church booths and offer up good home cooking. Whether it is country ham, brown beans, cornbread, or yummy cheeseburgers, you can find it. And you will love it. Preston Court Days is a great way to ring in fall. So come on out and join in all the fun.

If you need driving directions to Preston, KY please click below:

UPDATE: 2014
This year, 2014, The Preston Court Days are set to officially begin on Oct. 17th and end on the third Monday which is the Oct. 20th.
But as the tradition grows rapidly each year, usually vendors begin selling for the entire week leading up to the end date. So look for booths to unofficially start setting up on Oct.13, 2014 until Oct. 20, 2014. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


If you are one of the many sang diggers (locally called), also known as ginseng diggers, that is looking to learn more about sanging, here you go. Please note, I have left a link to the Kentucky Ginseng Dealers (buyers) by name or county, at the bottom of page.

You can click here to view the laws and regulations for Kentucky Ginseng. And on that page there is also links to other states' ginseng rules and regulations. Please remember that every state has its' own different set of specific rules and regulations for ginseng cultivating. So please check that link out before you dig.

Ginseng is known to many as a cure all plant. It is a very slow growing perennial plant that is harvested for the roots. The word ginseng actually means "the essence of man."

A few things ginseng is suppose to help cure are:
  • headaches
  • erectile dysfunction
  • fatigue
  • concentration
  • quick recovery time from hangovers
  • stress
  • menopause
  • help build stronger immune systems
  • slows down the aging process
With all these great uses for ginseng, you can imagine the huge market for the plants' cure all root. Currently, the average selling price per pound of dried, wild ginseng is running between $800 - $900 per pound, locally. That's amazing! But remember that it takes a lot of roots to make a pound, when dried.

So if you are preparing to become a "ginseng digger," please remember to click here to view the laws and regulations for your correct state. And below you can find the list of Kentucky Ginseng buyers, listed by dealers names or by county, for your convenience.

Ginseng Dealers of Kentucky, listed by Dealers Name

Ginseng Dealers of Kentucky, listed by County

Great Tips On HOW TO HUNT FOR GINSENG (with Photos)

History of Ginseng

To Become a Kentucky Ginseng Dealer

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WORLDS Best Hot Cocoa Recipe

WORLDS Best Hot Cocoa Recipe

Simple, easy, DELICIOUS!

-3 OR 4 DARK Chocolate HERSHEY kisses
-6 oz. of hot water or hot milk

Mix powdered cocoa mix and water/milk in your favorite cup.
Stir in 3 or 4 Hershey Kisses and ENJOY!

Bonus: A few little marshmallows never hurt!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Views From My Yard -Snow- 11-27-2013

My view at 6:45 am from the side deck:

I guess I'm in a cheery mood because this is m y view at 6:45 am from the side deck. I think it's just beautiful outside!

If you check the second photo of the chair, you can see about how much had accumulated. And boy, doesn't it look cold???

Although it snowed a misty bit day before yesterday, today marks our first accumulation of snowfall.

It began to fall late last night and then by this morning, this is what I woke up to. It's about an inch to an inch and a half. It is also so frigid cold here today. The high is only to reach around 28*.. BURRRR. And the wind chill factor is in the mid teens for the day.

One thing is for sure, if you are venturing out and are in my neck of the woods, you better be bundled up.

How is the weather where you are?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Around My House | 2011

Every year, I try to keep a theme for my Christmas tree. But this year something happened...

I went wild with the bags and bags of ornaments I had in the closet. I started my tree colors out in a soft gold and soft red only. With white lights as the main (cause thier made in the tree) and threw on a strand of red to make it match. Started putting up red and gold balls and ornaments then the tree topped, also red, and a red poinsettia under it, then before I knew it, I had on gobs of every color ornament all over the place. lol.

So, there for a minute, I actually thought about taking them all back down and starting over, but there was just too many. And so I left them alone and finally realized that without a theme, it's actually pretty cute. But next year I have my mind set already... It's gonna be a soft white and blue.(I picked out the tree topped for next year today, blue & white.)

Here's some random photos, below, from around my house this year for Christmas. I got the idea for this post from a fellow Gather, Adelaide. She had a great post on her blog,

Below is the fireplace mantel I asked my husband to build to go around the great stove I found at the flea market last week, here's that post. He got it done, but I haven't painted it yet or added any embellishments. But had to hurry up and get some things on it for Christmas, as I couldn't wait. lol.

Here below is a wreath I made last night. I saw in one of Adelaide's pictures that some had the cute xmas balls on them. So I tried to make one but I need some more smaller, red balls to really finish it up. And I also decided to make it on a grapevine wreath instead of the traditional green ones, just to fit with our house's primitive theme.

Below is a pic of lights on my garden trellis.

Note, for some reason this post is showing twice on my blog, here is the other Link to it... humm.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Explore Kentucky: Cave Run Lake

I originally wrote this for Associated Content. Yahoo Voices has sense bought them out and it is found here:

Explore Kentucky: Cave Run Lake

The Zilpo Recreation Area Offers Great Activities to Visitors and Locals

Kentucky has many great attraction points for visitors and locals. A favorite I'd like to share is the Cave Run Lake in northeast Kentucky. This 8,270-acre, man made lake was completed in 1974. It was actually a product of the process of making a damn constructed of earth and rockfill across the Licking River. The purpose of the dam was to reduce flood damage in the area. The Cave Run Lake area boasts many hollows and forested ridges which is all part of the Daniel Boone National Forest. The Daniel Boone National Forest was established in 1937. And to give you an idea of how large an area I am talking about the 706,000-acre forest covers portions of 21 Kentucky counties.It has so much to offer such as hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, hunting, site seeing, atv and horse back riding that you should make plans ahead of time to camp in one of the well maintained campgrounds. 
There are two main campgrounds to choose from while planning a trip to the Cave Run Lake in northeast Kentucky. Either the Zilpo Recreation Area, located in Bath County or the Twin Knobs Campground, located in Rowan County. I highly recommend the Zilpo Recreation Area due to its' breathtaking water views as seen in my photo which accompanies this article. Whichever of the two you decide upon will greatly surpass all of your expectations. Both of these campgrounds are similar because they each are located on large peninsulas that extends directly out into the Cave Run Lake. And therefore, both have the abilities for great land and water activities. Yet I still lean towards the Zilpo Recreation Area as my favorite mostly because it definitely has the greatest scenic beauty I have ever seen. I guess you will just have to plan a visit to each and decide for yourself.

If you are not lured into visiting the Cave Run Lake for its' numerous activities, try exploreing many of the other options. The Zilpo Recreation Area would also make the perfect setting for your next family reunion. Our family has had the tradition as far back as I can recall. It's the perfect location to gather year after year. With that lovely backdrop of nature, your family also, will have those perfect, one of a kind pictures to cherish year after year. What ever reason you decide to visit Kentucky, we are certain of one thing. Once you visit, you will definitely want to come back. And when you do, I've compiled a list of helpful links that will save you time and effort. Below you'll find all you need to help in planning the perfect trip of visiting my homeland, Kentucky.

This is one of the many photos I have taken of the Cave Run Lake in Eastern Kentucky. This pic was from the Zilpo Recreation Area end. We were at the top of one of the ridges, on our way to the Zilpo Campground and I had Greg stop so I could take a peek.

And wow, it was stunning.

Driving Directions to Zilpo
Printable Tourist Map
Visitor Center
Photos of Cave Run Lake
Calender of Area Events
Current Weather for Cave Run Lake

Saturday, May 11, 2013

eBay Announcements | New Photo Rules

Are you an eBay seller? I am and have been for years. My seller name is CheapBlondeGirl I sell mainly vintage games and gaming consoles. And from time to time, the left overs of my craft supplies from my crafting blog But when auction fever strikes me and I buy boxes of stuff at estate sales, you never know what my listings will contain.

If you too are a seller, you may want to take note of their new picture quality requirements. This will be implemented in new and previous posts that are still up. Seems they are aiming at better photo requirements for those who view eBay through a mobile device. In which the screens are much smaller than the computer monitor. I understand this and think it's a great idea. As I too, am a frequent shopper on my cell phone from time to time.

New rules are as follows.
-The longest side of each photo must be at least 500 pixels
-No borders allowed around photo
-Photos must be free of added artwork and text. Meaning strictly the item itself in the photo. No photoshoping.
-And when listing any item other than books, movies, music, and video games you now cannot use the stock photo that eBay supplies as your main photo.

So if you are an eBay seller, please check your current listings. As eBay sent out this notice back in late 2012 but they are going to be enforced at the beginning of July 2013. I'm sure eBay won't ban you from selling for one mistake. But with the giant company, who really knows. It's best to comply with all rules as fast as you can. This way we steer clear of any rule breaking.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

VUDU Burglarized: Customers Personal Info Stolen

If you are a member of the popular pay per movie site called VUDU, you will want to read this.

On Tuesday the company VUDU, acquired by WalMart in 2010, sent out a mass email to all it's members titled "Important Information Regarding Your VUDU Account." Seems their headquarter offices were broken into on March 24, 2013. Thieves got away with hard drives that contained personal information of customers such as:
  • names
  • email addresses
  • dates of birth
  • phone numbers
  • mailing addresses
  • account activity
  • last 4 digits of credit card numbers
  • encrypted passwords

Here's the first announcement VUDU put out about the incident, 12 days later on Facebook:

"Our Chief Technology Officer, Prasanna Ganesan, is sending an email to our customers this afternoon about a break-in at the VUDU offices, but we wanted to share the information here proactively on Facebook. We want you to know that we are taking this issue very seriously, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you."
For more information, as well as FAQs visit us at
WalMart claims they have taken immediate action and reset every customers password. That will only help though, with future purchases. That will not help the fact that somewhere, sitting in the hands of a dirty thief lies all of our personal information and passwords. 

As an added security measure, WalMart has given each customer a one year free subscription to AllClear ID. It's formerly known as DEBIX. And it is a fraud detection company that helps monitor the future use of our identity info. 
O gee, thanks so much! Excuse me if I'm not jumping with joy but it's because of WalMarts ways of storing personal information all together, that has gotten us in this mess. I for one, am going to change each and every password and email I can before the day is out. I am also going to remove my credit card info from every site possible....Buying online, watching movies with a click and such is not all it's cracked up to be afterall. I just don't feel safe. 
For me, it's time to go back to basics! How about you?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flea Market Finds & Auctions Goodies

OMG! I've been so happy with items I've won at local auctions lately, that I've decided to start a regular running post here about them. Sometimes, however, the item will be from a flea market because I also visit them on a weekly basis.

I go to a bunch of different ones each week, some close here and a few in neighboring states. I buy all kinds of items for re-purposing and resell in my Peddlers Mall.

But my last find isn't going any farther than my master bedroom. Here's a quick pic of it from when I won it.

It's a solid wood, oak cabinet. (Oh, btw, I love oak furniture the most- it's so country.) All is intact. The doors are perfect and the two drawers. I'm 5'4" and this is just a little bit taller than me.There is very minimal scratches on it towards the trim at the bottom. All and all I'm super happy with it. I like a little wear on my items because our home is so country and "lived in" look. lol. It's going in my bedroom and house all my old quilts. And the drawers are gonna hold my sheets and such.

What did I have to pay for this? Well, I had the winning bid of only $30.00! I could not believe it it. I was loving it before the auction and I told my husband that I wanted to go up to about $80.00 on it. In no way ever, did I expect to get it for only $30.00!!!!

Be sure to check back for my next Flea Market Finds & Auction Goodies!

Friday, March 29, 2013

SNES Super Nintedo Collector Games

My SNES system

I am an avid collector of vintage SNES (Super NES) games. I liked the original NES games also, but growing up, I remember having one of the 49.10 million SNES gaming consoles. And my two older brothers had one of the 61.91 million NES systems sold worldwide.

So I guess it's just the memories mostly that make me love the SNES games today. And I'm glad I grew up playing SNES. Even though it wasn't Nintendo's first console to take the world of gameing on. However, it was the first ever three dimensional gaming system in history. In fact, the game Star Fox was the first playable game released in 3-d.

Some of my NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 Games

Now that I have hit the big 3-0, I am on a quest of my own. And that is to build the entire collection of SNES games that were sold at retail in the United States, Canada and Mexico. There were many more games put out in different countries, but I'm not really interested in them.  

How many games were put out in the United States, Canada and Mexico you may ask? I think the total is somewhere between 721 and 845. But just finding that out has been time consuming and frustrating. I've looked at many sources online including Wikipedia which gives the SNES games list and Google and can't get the exact number. Each search leads me to different totals.

Above is some of my games. The console on the left is the Nintendo 64 and the Super Nintendo is on the right.

So by some chance, I'm hoping someone may stumble over my little old post here and have the answer for me. But till then I'm just gonna keep looking at yard sales, searching online, and attending countless auctions to try and find them all.

It's aggravating but fun all at the same time. It's kinda the thrill of the hunt for me. And the memories of waking up on Saturday morning, with my best friend Melissa, playing the Super Mario World with Yoshi & Super Mario All Stars games is the kind of thing that keeps me looking.

What was your favorite video game to play growing up?

Fun Facts:

  • Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge is valued between $250 - $728 via Racketboy
  •  Chrono Trigger value is between $47 and $1217 


Here's the link to Wikipedias SNES games list in .pdf format.

VideoGames price charting


Easy Fiesta Chicken & Rice

Phishing Email Alert |

If anyone here is a member of eBay, please be cautious with your mail. This morning I received an email that looked legitimate. And as I've just purchased items Wednesday, I thought it was real at first. Instead of being from eBay it was from
But the more I read through the email and by them wanting me to "click here," and input my info, I realized it was too fishy to be real. So I reported it to eBay on their ANSWERS forum. And that's where I got the info that it is in fact a scam. I then was informed to forward the original email on to, which i immediately done.

Have you every gotten an email scam letter from what seemed to be eBay?

Take a look at my email here if you wish.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't Feed Me Allergy Shirts

Allergies..... Read all about it. I mean seriously, read all about it on children's shirts!

Have you seen this new trend in clothes for kids yet? I'm talking about the bright red allergy shirts designed by Kym Whitley. Whitley is known best from her comedy and reality shows but this time she's in the news on a more serious note.

Whitley has launched a new line of clothing set out to help the 3 million + children with food allergies in America. The line of t-shirts are called "Don't Feed Me," and they have categories that parents can checkmark to show their child can't have that food.

These shirts would be great, on one hand, for the busy teachers and caregivers. It would be a bright red reminder as to what that child can and cannot eat. But on the other hand, it makes a child stand out among their peers. And that most certainly will give other kids a reason to bully them.

From a parent's eye though, I'm sure they want to keep their kid away from the dangers of prohibited foods. Rather than the bullying part. At first, I had mixed feelings about the shirt. And without having any children, I can only speculate how I'd feel in the moment. But as of right now, I'm all for the shirts.

I've suffered from food severe food allergies over half of my life. And that's what pushes my decision. I know how a few minutes, after having an off limit food, can break down the body. I don't think the everyday person thinks of food allergies as being very serious. But they are. One minute you can be fine. Next minute your body can start to suffer from anaphylaxis, which is the most serious, full body reaction to foods or chemicals. And most of the time, if not treated with immediate medical care or an epi-pen, death can occur.

I've been through one round of anaphylaxis over the years and it is very serious. And that is why I'm all for the "Don't Feed Me," shirts for kids with allergies.

How do you feel about the "Don't Feed Me," shirts? Click here to view one.
Why or why not would you put them on your children?

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Jockey Lot Flea Market

Largest Flea Market Ever | Jockey Lot in Anderson, SC

This summer, with my love of flea markets and auctions at it's high, I traveled from Kentucky to visit the Jockey Lot in Anderson, South Carolina.
The Jockey Lot covers more than 65 amazing acres and accommodates more than 2,150 vendor spaces. The average daily attendance varies anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 people. And so even on a off day, it is amazing!

I had heard of this flea market on various occasions but nothing said nor seen had me ready for what I was about to experience. Simply put, I was in hog heaven! I mean everywhere you turn, left, right, behind you, in front of you, there was booth after booth. Vendor after vendor. Item after precious item to look at. And ohhhh, how I looked. And ohhhhh how I bought. The worst part of our trip was that once there at the Jockey Lot, we realized we should have driven a truck. No, a U-haul. No, a SEMI! I am serious folks. We were in a four door, Mercury Milan, and let me tell you, there was barely room for me to get in after about four or five hours of hunting for bargains.
This was simply the best and by far, the largest flea market I have ever been to in my life! And I am sure I will visit it once again in the near future!

Here is a link to a large map of The Jockey Lot so you can see all the vendors booth numbers to get an idea of the size. And if you spot the Water Tank section, just remember that the pic attached to this, is of that very water tank. I took it from the parking lot on that side.

And for all of my fellow bargain hunters out there reading this, I thought I'd tell you my best find. It wasn't anything big in size, remember I was in a family sized car, but it was a great find to me. lol. It was a whole bowl of that fake fruit. You know, the kind that grandma had sitting in bowls in her kitchen when we were little.

Well, I'd been wanting some before and hadn't even thought of it on this trip. But way out in the middle of the flea market, there it was. I spotted it. A bowl overflowing with fake fruit. The lady vendor was very nice and cheerful. I asked her of the price and she said it was a dollar for all the fruit and if I wanted the bowl too, it'd be $1.50. Simply because she had drawn faces on a couple of them for kids in some sort of program. I was like OMG in my head. OF COURSE I WANTED IT. I WANTED IT ALL! lol. And I grabbed it up, after she placed it all in a crumpled up, re-used Walmart bag, I threw it in line on my aching arm, along with all my other bags of treasures. And then headed on down the long line of treasures still waiting on their turn to be picked.
Ah, simply the best flea marketing day I've ever had!
What's your best flea market find?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Growing Up Poor | Hand-me-downs

I never realized I grew up poor until I was probably in my teenage years. Money was not something that our family had. And I guess I didn't miss it because we never had it to start with.

My dad was more or less a lazy man, looking back. He had jobs here and there, but never a truly steady job. The only job I remember him having for more than a few months at once was when his brother gave him a job at his gas station. There he'd pump gas and work on cars. He was a great mechanic and could have went far if he'd tried.

My Mom was a homemaker for the first part of her married life. In her later years, after divorcing, she went on to school and trained as a CNA. But back when I was little she'd babysit for friends to make money when she could. But I believe my dad took most of that for his use as well. Of what money my mom did manage to stash away, when I was young, she'd spend mainly on food when her government assistance ran out. Back then that was known as food stamps.

Sometimes it seemed like a special occasion when Mom managed to put back a few dollars for gas money so we could visit  her mom's house, my Grandmammy. And I mean it when I say a few dollars. I still remember her pulling up to the gas station and getting sometimes $1 or $2 in gas. That was in the mid to late 80's, when I was between 5-10 years old. Many a times, she paid with a handful of change.

But as years passed on, I met more and more friends through school. And I slowly realized the differences. Most all of them would come to school in brand new clothes. Especially at the beginning of each new school year.  As for me, other than the occasional new shirt or pair of $3 shoes from the Dollar Store, I don't remember school shopping much.

I was, however, always excited to get hand me downs from my cousin, Twila. She was a few years older and I couldn't wait until they'd send me a few bags of the clothes she'd outgrown. I'd tear open the black trash bags and start trying them on immediately. That was my "school shopping." My mom would make me put up the best hand me downs for school wear. And the others I could wear on a daily basis around the house.

My late Mom sometime around the 1960's