Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tobacco Stick Tree

Photo by Me of my handmade Tobacco Stick Tree
These old tobacco sticks were used in the fields when growing tobacco, and were speared through the tops of the stalks. They were essential for "hanging" the tobacco in the barns to cure. A lot of stalks of tobacco could be slid onto one stick. And they were then hung up on the rafters in the barn to cure. The tobacco looks like this:

Photo: By Me of a bunch of real tobacco

Finding a use for old tobacco sticks is pretty challenging. Yet I love the look of them indoors, so I like a challenge. They are a perfect touch for a cute country or prim styled home. I drew out a sketch for my husband and this is what it turned out to be. I call it my tobacco stick tree. I decorate it with homemade rag ropes and lights of the season.

Since first making this one, I've started making them way slimmer and even shorter, table top versions. I need to get some updated photos and I will make a new post all about that design soon. Look for it!

LOOKING FOR My Original TOBACCO STICK TREE POST with lots of pics?

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Anonymous said...

Where would I go to buy the sticks at? I can't find them anywhere at all

Booth 555 said...

Hi Anonymous, You can go to and search items for sale "Tobacco Sticks" That brings you up some of the flatter type tobacco sticks. They will work also. The exact kind I use, I can hardly find them online for sell at all. I have some but I do not know how to ship such awkward items lol.
Here is the etsy link I found:

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